A festive meal for the poor was held in Lviv

A festive meal for the poor was held in Lviv

The Temple of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin has brought poor and single people to Christmas for Christmas.

Reported the event The Spiritual Greatness of Lviv and LMR.

Every year for hundreds of locals, the community of St. Aegidius creates an opportunity to celebrate Christmas and get joy from Christmas.

The mayor of the city, A. Sadovy, wished the locals to be together before the Christmas dinner, and also to add goodness, comfort and joy to the Christmas table. He also said that everyone should be in the family at Christmas time. If one lives for one reason or another, you should invite him or her for a dinner party. The mayor of Lviv called such a Christmas meal a good tradition for those in need.

Every January 7, with the support of St. Aegidius and Oselia, for many years, people have come to meet, get to know each other, socialize and feel like they are in a good mood.

Bishop Benedict joined the speech, wishing at the end of God’s blessing:

“It’s an opportunity for me to be together. Here are both guests and volunteers. It’s very important to stay and be together »

By tradition, the community has embraced all the lonely and sad, giving warmth and love. Tables were laid in the temple in front of the liturgical altar. Community representatives say this is a special philosophy of action, since Christ himself was born as a child without a refuge, and therefore the poor and the needy are at the depths of Christmas and the Church.

Such a holiday in the temple of Lviv is arranged for 14 years. The community prepares tables with traditional Galician dishes, and in the afternoons it hosts a Christmas party and presents for the guests. Everyone in need was given winter clothes, sweet treats and fruits.

Festive Christmas Eve for the poor is being created in more than 80 countries around the world by cities where St. Aegidi’s community is located. In our country special Christmas dinners for the poor are held not only in Lviv, but also in Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk. This makes 1,000 Ukrainians feel a little happier on Christmas Day.

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A festive meal for the poor was held in Lviv