An unusual charitable flash mob will be held in Lviv

An unusual charitable flash mob will be held in Lviv

A charity event will be held in Lviv on January 11, the purpose of which is to raise money for children with oncology for children who are under the auspices of the Wings of Hope Foundation. Volunteer H. Kulchytska and the organization Flammacor organize the event. It will create a thousand paper cranes, which will be written wishes to sick children faster to recover.

Anyone can join the event and try to draw origami cranes. This format was chosen in view of the Japanese tradition of paper cranes assembly. There, they symbolize longevity and health, are the “mailman” of requests and prayers to God. Those who join the flash mob only ask for the recovery of young patients.

The idea of ​​a flashmob is based on the history of World War II, the venue is Hiroshima. The girl was hospitalized after the bombing. She believed that a thousand such cranberry origami would help her desire to recover. However, she was forced to stop at 644 prisons – the girl’s life was interrupted. There is now a monument in her honor in Japan, and children continue to donate cranes to the Museum of Peace.

Flashmob in Lviv will last for 24 hours. The goal is to raise UAH 100,000 for the Wings of Hope Foundation children during this time. You can join a bird collection or donate 100 UAH as a charitable donation. All you need to do is to transfer money with the note “Crane for a child” according to the details provided by the organizers of the action.

The event starts at 11:00 am at the Flammacor office on the street. Vinnychenko 30. Pre-registration is valid for those who wish.

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An unusual charitable flash mob will be held in Lviv