Coronavirus suspected in Lviv – say doctors

Coronavirus suspected in Lviv – say doctors

The other day, a news broke in Lviv that a guy studying in China was coming to town with symptoms of a deadly coronavirus. The young man was hospitalized almost immediately at Lviv Infectious Diseases Hospital, took biomaterials for analysis and sent samples to a foreign laboratory.

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As reported our Reporter the guy had a runny nose and cough. It was suspected by doctors that the student was in China near Wuhan, where the coronavirus is now spreading. This was the reason for the hospitalization.

The young man was placed in a separate box, the medical staff constantly monitor his condition, especially controlling the body temperature. Fortunately, a guy with a coronavirus doesn’t have a fever.

 Coronavirus suspected in Lviv - what doctors say

H. Timko, Lviv’s chief epidemiologist, assured that this patient was no longer suspected of a threatening Chinese virus. The young man was diagnosed with ARD and assured that there was no threat to his health and life.

It should be noted that as of January 27, there were no cases of 2019-nCoV dangerous virus reported in Ukraine

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Coronavirus suspected in Lviv – say doctors