Exhibition “Maidan 2014” in Lviv City Hall – a memory of events and people

Exhibition “Maidan 2014” in Lviv City Hall – a memory of events and people

A photo exhibition dedicated to the 2014 Euromaidan was launched in mid-January. The press service of the City Council of Lviv announces that it will last until the end of winter, ie another month and a half.

The exhibition consists of 90 photos printed in A3 format. It is a sign of honoring the Heavenly Hundred Heroes. The exposition is organized in the premises of the Town Hall. The author of all the works is a photographer from Kiev V. Klichevsky.

And. Garmash, the deputy head of promotion and development at the Dignity Museum, says that this exhibit at City Hall is an opportunity to remember those events and visually cling to them. As a representative of the Art Space Art Center, he speaks of the author of the photos with respect.

Mr. Garmash said that V. Klischevsky is a professional currently working at the German Embassy. The photographer has been on the Maidan every day since December 1, 2013 and recorded all events on camera. When they learned about such a collection of photo cards in Lviv, they immediately invited the author of the photo to make such an exhibition.

60 photos were posted on the fourth floor of the Town Hall building. This allows visitors to immerse themselves in the events of the day. 30 photos are located on the second floor – they can be viewed by deputies and officials of the City Council of Lviv and recall everything that happened during the Revolution of Dignity.

The Town Hall for the photo exhibition was not chosen by chance. Every day, not only power-holders but also locals and tourists pass through its corridors. It is important for the exhibition organizers that people pay attention to those events. The author says that a single photo can give much more explanation than a conversation.

Each photo is a story of its own, and every visitor to the exhibition can stop and dive into it, trying to better understand the country and its citizens at that time. A. Moskalenko, Deputy Mayor of Lviv, speaks about this.


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Exhibition “Maidan 2014” in Lviv City Hall – a memory of events and people