FC Lviv mentor on the prospects of the team

FC Lviv mentor on the prospects of the team

Lviv Football Club conducts training on the Mediterranean coast. Twice a week, 10 players work with the balls under the leadership of Egishe Melikian. Several more signed athletes are working in the mode of evaluation and study of the features of their game.

New players will increase competition among others, which will further stimulate the whole team. The lack of transfer activity of the coach does not prevent, because the positive is the backbone of a team that is already familiar with the methods and coaching philosophy of the mentor.

FC Lviv mentor team perspectives - Photo

According to Reporters in Lviv , Melikian hopes that insufficient transfer gain and a small spare bench will not cause much trouble. The tactical direction will be the focus on getting points in each game. And the maximum return will be required during the Championship. So far, the goal is to score points in all 14 matches of the Spring Championship.

The second leg of the Premier League will begin for FC Lviv away match against Olympique on February 22.

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FC Lviv mentor on the prospects of the team