In the spring, residents of Lviv will pay more for parking

In the spring, residents of Lviv will pay more for parking

Lviv will be able to purchase a 6-month subscription for 1,400 hryvnia.

On January 28, during a meeting of the Transportation, Engineering, Communications and Housing Commission, they discussed and adopted a decision to increase the city’s parking tariff.

The vote was almost unanimous. The proposal was agreed by all members of the commission with the exception of M. Danylkiv, the People’s Deputy from the Ukrainian Galician Party. The official said the decision was nothing more than an attempt to get back into the commoners’ pocket again.

An expert commission at the City Council of Lviv supported the increase of parking tariffs. In March or April, residents of the city and its guests will have to pay much more for parking. This is especially true in the central areas of Lviv.

Therefore, Lvivans expect the following rates:


  • On the theatrical and gross streets, the closed barrier with parking lot will cost 30 hryvnias per hour, and for the rest of the downtown parking lots the tariff will be 20 hryvnias / year

  • Depending on the area, the cost of the parking space will vary, but the minimum fare will be 5 hryvnia / hour.

  • You can buy a subscription for six months for 1400 hryvnia. Accordingly, car owners will be able to leave their vehicle near their home, not only at night, but at any other time.

The Deputy Head of the Department of Housing and Infrastructure, A. White, says that such a cascading system of tariffs from 5 to 30 hryvnia will help to balance the situation with parking in Lviv, will allow to unload the streets and even positively will be reflected in the environmental situation.

The residents of Kulish Street were present at the commission meeting. They expressed dissatisfaction that the tariffs would be raised and emphasized that the majority of parking places near their homes were occupied by the staff of Forum Lviv shopping center. According to the residents of Lviv, the employees of the shopping mall do not want to pay for parking near the shopping mall, so they leave the car near the houses. Alternatively, the residents of Kulisha Street have their nearest parking areas occupied and no space left in the houses.

According to reporter According to the locals, the compromise decision of the officials has the right to life, however, there is no ready-made full version yet, explaining that will be provided by the Lviv residents with their guarantees and real prices.

The members of the commission agreed to reconsider the proposals and to finalize them at the next meeting.

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In the spring, residents of Lviv will pay more for parking