Lviv has won the Terni Half Marathon

Lviv has won the Terni Half Marathon

Sofia Yaremchuk participated in the international half marathon called Terni Half Marathon. It was held in Terni, Italy, and ran for 2197.5 meters. More than 600 people participated in the competition. The victory went to Lviv’s S. Yaremchuk. The girl was already recognized as the best female athlete in Ukraine in November 2019.

The athlete is pleased not only to win the half marathon, but also to set a personal record at this distance – she reached the finish line in 1.10.33. NOC of Ukraine in Lviv region provided information on achievements of Ukrainian athlete. Sofia said she had been dreaming of such a result for three years, and now she even feels she can run faster.

 Running Terni Half Marathon [/ caption]

On the last day of 2019, the girl participated in a half marathon in Rome. Then she ran the difficult 10km track and was able to break her record, then improving her score by 10 seconds. Then the athlete felt the urge to run another Italian half marathon. She is now pleased with her work.

Sofia Acknowledges the coach of the Ukrainian National Walking Team, D. Tobias, for his help in organizing and training. The girl is also grateful to her trainer F. Martelli for his support and belief in her strength, financial assistance in the field trips and all efforts made for future victories. The athlete also thanked the massage therapist V. Kravchuk, who helped prevent difficult injuries.

We look forward to the continued victory of Lviv athletes in various sports disciplines.

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Lviv has won the Terni Half Marathon