Pandas instead of demolished IAF

Pandas instead of demolished IAF

The trade pavilion near Lviv Railway Station on Dveretseva Square was dismantled on January 26. About this Lviv Reporter learned from Mayor A. Sadovy’s Facebook page.

As you can see from his post, this aesthetic building is both illegal and illegal. However, its owners are trying in any way to counteract the demolition of the IAF. To do so, they organized a picket of Lvivians with disabilities. According to the mayor, it is a manipulation of human trust and benevolence. Although, since December last year, the City Council’s decision to regulate the work of such institutions and the possibility of demolishing them if they violate the architectural style of the city streets and do not comply with the current legislation.

By the way, the land lease contract for a trade pavilion on the Palace was signed in 2009 between the Lviv City Council and the Tourist Company LLC. It expired in March 2012. During this time, the tenants unintentionally installed their IAF on the site. And after the lease expired, the owners of the building refused to dismantle it.

In 2014, the Lviv Commercial Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the LMR and recognized the lawfulness of dismantling an illegal small architectural form. This decision was upheld by the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine.

The owners of LLC Firm Tourist Matsnieva M. and Matsnev A. reside in the United States, the company was incorporated in 1993 in the city of Mostiska in the Lviv region.

The case is now before the Supreme Court. The contract of sale was canceled by the courts of first and second instance. As no building permit was available, the court’s decision to demolish the temporary building must be enforced.

However, the owners have blamed the city for raiding and trying to bring in the protests of the disabled and the National Corps. IAF co-owner Inga Dunaeva assures that she has a Supreme Court decision banning any action.

Against the backdrop of a 5-year lawsuit, law enforcement officials finally managed to get inside the building through an unlocked window and obtain voluntary consent from the property owners.

 Pandas Instead of Demolished IAF - Photo  Pandas Instead of Demolished IAF - Photo

On the site of the demolition, three multicolored gypsum pandas were installed, which were painted before the Chinese New Year celebrations in Leo. According to the authors, panda ideas should take their place in the most attractive tourist areas.

 Pandas Instead of Demolished IAF - Photo  Pandas Instead of Demolished IAF - Photo  Pandas instead of demolished MAF - Photo

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Pandas instead of demolished IAF