The MolDvizh Center in Lviv is finally open

The MolDvizh Center in Lviv is finally open

Lviv was chosen to run the youth center because it is the capital of Ukrainian youth. On January 25, the MolDvizh Center was finally opened here. This event has been a long time coming.

Reported the opening of the center in the press service of the City Council of Lviv. The Center was started with the support of NGOs, the Lviv youth community, as well as international organizations, including UNICEF.

L. Silvander, a UNICEF representative in Ukraine who attended the opening ceremony of MoloDviz, said she was pleased to be present at this event and glad to be in Lviv. She emphasized that the city is open to initiatives, finding solutions to pressing issues and solving problems.

Ms. Silvander called Lviv a child-friendly city where the authorities show support for young and active people. She noted that the opening of such a center is a clear and positive example of such support.

The grand opening was held with the following program:


  1. Cut the ribbon.

  3. MolDvizCenter View and Half-Year Report.

  5. Panel discussion.

  7. A presentation by U-Report Ukraine, attended by its Ambassador, singer T. Topol.

According to Reporter , Mr. Topola called the opening of the center a historic event, as extraordinary efforts were made. He expressed the opinion that now young and beautiful people are coming together to accumulate ideas, to move Ukraine forward, to realize dreams. The singer called Lviv a powerful city that will become even stronger and more powerful with the new youth center.

In 2018, Lviv won the Youth Capital of Ukraine competition. This led to the decision of the mayor A. Sadovy to set two main goals:


  1. A forum on youth policy, work and research. This forum should be the largest in Ukraine.

  3. Construction of a future youth center is underway.

The Molodwij Forum was held in 2018, and at the same time they started to develop a project of the same name.

The new MolDvizhCenter is located on an area of ​​360 m2 and is one of the largest similar centers in our country. This will work:


  1. Kitchen

  3. Wardrobe

  5. Spacious meeting room

  7. A huge meeting room

  9. Workshop halls

  11. Office

  13. Toilets

  15. Technical rooms

From the center, you can move into the courtyard, where public space will be made in the near future. All the facilities now have all the equipment you need to work, organize events and have fun with young people.

More than 150 people can comfortably accommodate more than 150 people at one time.

Center functionality can be divided into content and space.

There will be receptions for people, organizations, activists, young people in the space – you can organize events on a free basis, as well as organize leisure and entertainment.

With respect to the content, one can emphasize that the MolDvizh organization itself has been in operation for six months, during which it has carried out seven significant events jointly with UNICEF and the Ministry.

Now the biggest and most important goal is to obtain the title of European Youth Capital. The Lviv Center is currently planning to compete in 2023. Now Lviv has passed the first technical stage, received important facts about competitors and clarified the details of the further struggle for such an honorary title. This information was provided by O. Malets, Head of the MolDvizh Center in Lviv.

In total, it took 10 months to build the center, costing 1.5 million hryvnias.

MolDvizCenter has its own units:


  • Research. Designed to generate great ideas.

  • VolonteersCorps. Volunteer Staff.

  • Network. Lviv’s youth network, quality and flexible.

  • Media. Information and communication resource.

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The MolDvizh Center in Lviv is finally open